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Tax-Exempt Organizations

Kantor Taylor represents a large number of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. We assist with initial organizational activities – including drafting organizational documents and procedures, establishing governance structures, obtaining tax-exempt status and complying with federal tax requirements for exemption. Kantor Taylor also advises on the creation of tax-exempt and taxable subsidiaries and structuring joint ventures with government agencies, for-profit companies and other nonprofit organizations. We are experienced with and routinely counsel our nonprofit clients on issues exclusive to them with respect to capital financing, particularly of facilities such as community centers, schools, museums, health clinics, emergency shelters and similar facilities.

Kantor Taylor has experience in many issues unique to nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations, including avoiding private inurement and private benefit transactions; addressing tax-exempt use implications; establishing for-profit subsidiaries; minimizing unrelated business income and federal, state and local excise taxes; engaging in partnerships and joint ventures with for-profit participants; addressing private foundation restrictions; and complying with property tax exemption requirements.

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