Kantor Taylor

Tax-Exempt Bond Financing

Kantor Taylor has developed one of the most active practices representing borrowers in conduit tax-exempt and taxable bond financing in the Pacific Northwest. We have represented hundreds of borrowers in conduit bond financings in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Idaho involving housing, schools and universities, museums, health clinics, and industrial facilities. Our clients use exempt facility bonds, qualified 501(c)(3) bonds, government bonds and industrial revenue bonds to finance their projects. We have worked with many different structures, including fixed and floating rate bonds, public and private placements, general obligation bonds, bond insurance, FHA insurance, Fannie and Freddie credit enhancement, direct-pay and standby letters of credit, interest rate caps and swaps, total return swaps, and other hedge devices. Because we know the bond issuers, investment bankers, lenders, underwriters, credit-enhancers, rating agencies and hedge providers and understand their requirements, we enjoy a reputation for providing practical advice that enhances our clients’ deals.

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